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Grassroots Adds Punch to your Facebook Group

In Uncategorized on August 16, 2009 at 5:34 pm

You can now use Facebook to stay in touch with those elected officials that you don’t think listen to you. They actually do keep very accurate records of how people are weighing in on a particular issue. So funnel your Facebook group members to have their voice heard through this tool.

Now you can use Facebook to make that real easy. H/T to TechCrunch for highlighting this new Facebook tool.

Click the Grassroots logo above to add this to your Facebook group.

From the Grasroots website that explains the purpose and benefits:

  • Let Facebook page visitors immediately send letters to Federal or state officials without having to download anything or install any application.
  • Automatically match them to federal and state legislative officials, based on the addresses they enter
  • Add a prominent “Take Action” tab to your organization’s Facebook pages
  • Allow visitors to instantly send messages to elected officials or other custom targets
  • Use a unique URL for the “Take Action” tab, linkable in status updates and emails
  • Enable Tell-A-Facebook Friend functionality after actions taken and on general spread-the-word pages

I think the strongest feature is this one……..

  • Capture registrations in an external database for later emails, fundraising, etc.



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