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The Internet Challenge

In Uncategorized on June 29, 2009 at 7:45 am

I was on the phone Friday with an old political consultant friend of mine and we were sharing our disbelief at the state of politics here in Illinois when our talk turned to what works online and what doesn’t.

The Internet seems to be a challenge for most because of this persistent conception that the fund raising letter I send by mail translates into an e-mail to my internet community.

In the back of many peoples head they think “My TV commercials are all I need for the video on my website and not alot of people have I-Pods so do we really need to podcast? Can’t we just put the radio commercials on there?”

Somewhere along the way the communication adage, “Respect the medium” was lost when applied to the internet. The “fake it to you make it” phase is over guys. Taking the offline world straight to the final edit phase of your online strategy is not the way you engage people in conversation online.

What I didn’t realize as I was having this phone conversation with my limited experience of internet and the political realm was how it it extended to some of the largest companies in the country.

I guess they had some big ta due in the South of France last week and the CEO of Mircosoft Steve Ballmer gave the keynote where he said…..

“Five years ago, I’d have said we are mostly trying to do the offline world online.” Complete article here.

Well Mr. Balmer, there are alot that still are. I had another conversation last week with a small business owner and I told him they needed to get a blog on there website and his immediate comment was.

“Well, it would be a good place to put an occisional press release.”

The business world is just now starting to grasp the Web 2.0 implications for customer relations and retention. If leadership starts at the top then we have a slow process ahead of us. As evidenced by this article: CEO’s are social Media Slackers.

Change is hard. And doing the internet right is hard but not as hard as some think. One last article to read that covers the subject of hard work and Web 2.0.  Read on here.


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