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CrowdEye Launced by former MicroSoft guru

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From Google to Digg to getting the news of who won American Idol off twitter before you could Google it, real time search is getting hotter. Where we will be next year boggles the mind. Inside twitter is a search function but there are those that have probably done data mining longer than the twitter team that think they can develop something more powerful. And as we know the way the information is displayed is key. So each “real time twitter search site” is going to rise and fall on how people interact with the site.

From the website Search Engine Land……..

CrowdEye is from Ken Moss, who ran search engineering at Microsoft and built the new engine himself….CrowdEye is indexing Twitter Tweets and pulling out relevant third party links and related queries.” More here.

Right now they are only indexing back three days but that will change in the future.


“I think that real-time search is the next big thing in search,” Moss said in a telephone interview. “It’s an area that has been underexploited to date.” Searching Twitter is good for news, he said, but also for things such as finding the latest viral video or a solution to a new software bug.”

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