Mark W. Johnson

A Better Comfort Level

In Uncategorized on June 6, 2009 at 9:56 pm

Where to start. Well, for a while it’s been pretty obvious that Republicans are a little awkward with things internet related. G.W.  Bush and “the internets” comment and the Obama campaign making an issue of John McCain not using e-mail while their slick guy has 14 Black Berry’s (not really I made that up but I think I read it in the Onion) and twitter’s 47 times an hour. The twitter thing might be true but probably based on 3 interns having access to his account.

So where are the GOP media handlers to keep Norm Coleman from saying this?

“In the end, we need to compete, as I’ve said before, we need to compete in each and every kind of forum,” said Coleman. “And whether it’s on the ground traditionally, or today it’s in — it’s in the ethernet.

So it’s obvious that the GOP needs a vocab lesson. It’s not hard. Just call it “online activism”. OK? Repeat after me….. Online activism. Now let’s use it in a sentence.

“And whether it’s on the ground traditionally, or today it’s with ONLINE ACTIVISM …..”

All the things that people do with online tools can be referred to as “online”. This covers twitter, You Tube, facebook, and all those others things the teenagers are talking about but you don’t understand.

Keep it simple online activity to communicate your thought and you won’t start talking about stuff that a follow up question will make you look like a rookie.

Now please forward this to your favorite political candidate and let me help them since the inside the Beltway people that have know about the “internets” for ten years still haven’t figured out how to train their clients in basic terminology.

Could Norm Coleman been having a bad day? Maybe, but he is a public figure and he has to be on everyday. That goes with the territory.

H/T Library Grape.


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