Mark W. Johnson

Twitter Groups?

In Uncategorized on June 5, 2009 at 4:52 pm


Well not really.  If you have wondered what is comparable to a Facebook group on twitter then you are out of luck. At least from the point of view that there isn’t a function that twitter provides for you to do it. But if you want to organize a twitter feed around an idea, a movement (i.e. protesting a government bailout package), a sports team or a political candidate then you can use the website fTags.

From the front page of their website:

Gather Twitterers around a topic in a more organized way than #hashtags

Our friends at Mashable write about it here where they talk about fTags being used to find a lost dog in New York.

How would you use fTags? Shout out in the comment section.


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